About Us

HAVCO Manufacturing Company was founded in 1981, in Standerton, South-Africa. Since then HAVCO has been well known in the industry for commitment to meeting the customers’ needs with the most effective and durable equipment on the market. HAVCO is currently a leading manufacturer of feedlot, dairy feed processing equipment and TMR  plants.

HAVCO has manufacturing facilities with skilled employees in South Africa and market products worldwide with a commitment to equipment which makes sense on the bottom line.

Our Mission

HAVCO’s trademark is being goal orientated, quality products, productivity and above average performance, combined with the ideal of perfection.  This is what allows our products to grow with the specific needs of our chosen industry.

Through effective management philosophy:

       ·        We want to be the best in our industry

       ·        Our client is always the top priority

      ·    We encourage spontaneous teamwork between our employees in order for our clients to reap the full benefit.


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Automatic bandsaw sawing metal workpiece. From the cooling pipes supplied lubricity emulsion.
A Drawing of an Auger Close-up. Augers are used in milling systems and silo systems. These systems are produced by ABC Africa group in Southern Africa countries